Making it Easy to Recruit Your Interns in Bangkok

Our aim is to make the intern recruitment process, both for you and the intern, as simple and painless as possible. From initial contact through to the day your intern commences their contract, Bangkok Trainee Finder is there to guide you through each step of the process and to do all the necessary work.

Every aspect of the recruitment process is handled by Bangkok Trainee Finder. The only things your company has to do is select and interview your preferred candidates. We handle everything else, from identifying candidates to facilitating visa application, and even helping your selected intern find accommodation. We do all the work so you don’t have to!

Here is a Summary of the Main Points to Consider When Hiring an Intern in Bangkok

For easy reference, here is a summary of Bangkok Trainee Finder’s processes for hiring an intern.

  1. Contact Bangkok Trainee Finder. Provide all details on what you are looking for in an intern.

  2. Bangkok Trainee Finder then search the hundreds of profiles on file to find the candidates who best match your needs.

  3. We send you the resumes of the best candidates.

  4. You select your preferred candidates from the resumes we sent.

  5. Bangkok Trainee Finder sets up the interview (or interviews) with your selected interns.

  6. You advise our team of your final choice.

  7. Bangkok Trainee Finder begins the process to apply for their internship visa.

  8. Our team also helps to find them suitable accommodation and other aspects as needed.

  9. Your intern arrives and begins their work with your company.


There are some straightforward requirements we need your company to fulfill before we begin the recruitment process. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss.

  1. Your company must be a legally registered entity in Thailand.

  2. Where needed, you must provide an English tutor for your intern.

There must be allocated office space for your intern.