What Do You Do Once You Have Found an Intern?

So, you have found your ideal intern, you have notified us of your decision, and start dates and duration have been provisionally agreed. What happens next? At this stage, Bangkok Trainee Finder’s service shifts from recruitment to administrative mode. We assist with all final steps of hiring your intern, including applying for the required visa, any other administrative needs, assisting the intern to find suitable accommodation, and any other aspects of their arrival where help may be needed. This takes the pressure off you, and our team have lengthy experience of dealing with visa issues as well as numerous contacts in the real estate sector.


What Do We Need from Your Company to Complete the Intern Recruitment Process?

Once you have selected your intern, Bangkok Trainee Finder begins the process to obtain them a non-immigrant ED (educational) visa, which is the required visa needed for interns working in Bangkok. As the Bangkok Trainee Finder team has years of experience in dealing with visa applications, we are able to facilitate applications with a minimum of fuss. If you have any queries regarding this process, please feel free to contact our team at any point.

In order to facilitate the visa process, Bangkok Trainee Finder requires the following documentation from the hiring company:

  1. Company invitation letter. A template is available here.

  2. Your most recent company affidavit. This must be less than 6 months old.

  3. Copy of responsible director’s passport.

  4. Internship agreement signed by the intern’s school or university,

Once Bangkok Trainee Finder has this documentation, we will begin the visa process. We will also contact the intern to see if they need any assistance in finding accommodation for their time in Bangkok, and will also offer other help needed with their arrival.