There are no fees at all to use our services, this service is totally free, and we believe that we can find the suitable trainee for you.

Many recruitment companies charge their clients fees even when the search is unsuccessful. Because we believe in our service, Bangkok Trainee Finder never charge any upfront charges. We are not charging you, and you will find your ideal candidate, reach agreement with that intern on terms and conditions of employment, and sign the internship agreement.

We have designed our entire recruitment process to suit you, the client, and we strongly believe that by searching interns for your company, we will build a strong relationship with each other.

We know that taking interns in a company is a good way to increase your company productivity with less costs than hiring someone, so why not you? The process to recruit an intern is long, complicated and can be costly because of the selection part of the hiring process. This is even more complicated when you are looking for an international Intern. We offer businesses young enthusiastic interns who can bring fresh new ideas to the table. Not only that, we offer the interns themselves an amazing opportunity to gain experience at the cutting edge of their chosen industry. Bangkok Trainee Finder recognizes the importance of interns to your company, and we know how crucial it is to choose the ideal match. With our global universities and schools network providing quality interns all year round, we are confident than we can match an intern profile to your company’s needs. By working with international schools, we know that our interns will be qualified for your demand, really adaptable and open-minded. They will for sure fit the culture of your company, even if this is a foreigner.