The main field of our interns

Most of our international interns are coming from really prestigious universities all around the world. The students are formed to be super-efficient, curious and productive.

The main field for our international interns is the international business field. This kind of studies allows our Interns to touch a bit to every subject and be really polyvalent.

We believe that studying international Business is a big plus for an international student, but also for the company that will employ his help. Indeed, most of the time, our International Student have seen some other countries, live abroad and are studying some international behaviour in Business. The international student will not have any issue by working in English or with an international company, they are used to understand other cultures in the best way.

They can help you in Digital Marketing, Accounting, Business Development or direct sales and negotiation. These international students are qualified, and we select them with at least 3 years of effective studies.

The advantage of selecting some students studying International Business is that they will adapt to your corporate way of thinking. We strongly believe that an international student that is studying International affairs will adapt to your company in the same way than a Thai intern that you will select, with the advantage of improving your cultural diversity.

We will select the interns depending on your own needs and the field that you need. Indeed, International Business is always going with a speciality. If you need a digital marketing person, we will select an intern studying in International Business, but also with the specialty of new technology Marketing or in Digital Marketing. This is the best way for us to give you an intern that is specialized in what you need, but also an international Intern that will be able to adapt to a new working culture.