How our interns are selected?

The process is going in many steps.

First step: we are having a data base of interns that would like to come in Thailand in order to realize an internship. Thanks’ to our many university partners, we have often some international Interns that would like to join us for an internship for a duration of two to six months. We are keeping this file updated every month and we are doing some interviews in order to always have the best international Interns in our data base.

Second step: You are contacting us and giving us your requirements and needs. We will select our international interns inside of the data base depending on what you would like to have. We will give many interviews in order to give you the choice between three to five interns. You will have the choice to realize some interviews by yourself or not. If you really don’t want to deal with the recruiting process of your international intern, we can run the interviews until the end and give you the perfect interns that will fit perfectly to your needs.

Third step: we will help you to deal with all of the agreements concerning the state and with the Visa of your Brand-new international Intern. The process is not complicated but we know by having experienced it that it can be a mess for companies that are not used to.

All of our recruitment process of your international intern is free for you. We can help you by taking care of your needs and requirement. We strongly believe that we can build a long-term relationship together, this is the only reward that we are asking for. We think that you will like to collaborate with us regarding some other services that we can propose to you.

Having an International Intern is a chance for you and your company. Today, we are giving you the opportunity to have an international trainee that is fitting perfectly to your needs and it’s up to you to take the opportunity!