Diverse nationality of internship

According to the nationality of the intern, he will adapt in a different way in your company. We believe that this can also be a criterion, depending on the cultural differences. An American or European will be more outgoing than Asian people which will be more introvert. We believe that you have the right to choose a nationality or a region of the globe in order to fit perfectly to your needs.

We have many International interns from all of Europe, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Belgium…This will also make a difference in the way they behave, regarding the cultural difference between the European Countries.

Taking an international Intern will allow you to improve the cultural diversity of your team and allow a young student to discover more working cultures. Most of our Interns want to work in an international firm and they are doing the adapted studies regarding this subject. They will not be disappointed concerning the difficulty of adapting themselves in a new working culture environment.

We can also give you the opportunity to work with an American intern. They will really discover another way of working, but also make you discover the American working culture and can give you some ideas in order to improve your own way of working.

If you want to improve your diversity by taking an international intern, but also stay close to the Asian working culture, we can give you the opportunity to have an Asian student but come from another country of Asia. The codes will be less different, but still with a touch of diversity and some fresh air.

If you are an international manager, we can also provide you with an international intern from your own country in order to facilitate communication. This is a great plus!

We think that taking an international intern, no matter where he is coming from will allow you to discover something new but also give the opportunity to a trainee to improve his communication skills in a new environment. This is a Win-Win situation!