What We Do in Intern Recruitment

Bangkok Trainee Finder is connected with some of the most prestigious universities, business schools, and engineering schools around the globe in order to search for and identify the best intern candidates for your company. This means that we can offer you interns with high levels of efficiency and commitment to fit the profiles you are looking for, and to ensure you hire the intern who will best suit your projects and/or company tasks. We are proud to say that our interns are the best of the best, which is why we are the leading intern recruitment company in Thailand. We are so confident in the quality of our service – and indeed the interns that we provide – that we will not take a fee from you until you have selected your ideal intern to work in Bangkok.


How We Operate When Searching for Interns

Our intern searches are all customized to suit your company’s needs and requirements in Bangkok. Our team collects your details and highlight the specific skills and other factors you are looking for in an intern. We then search our extensive database of available interns, and supply you with the interns we have identified as the best matches. You then carry out an interview process with your favoured candidates, select your chosen intern who best suits your company’s needs, then leave us to carry out all required administrative tasks. With the quality of the schools and universities in our network, we know we can find the intern best matched to your company’s requirements. If we don’t find you the perfect intern, then there is no fee to pay!

Bangkok Trainee Finder will search for and find your perfect intern at any time of the year. Contact our team now, or use the online contact form.