What We Need from You When We Are Recruiting Your Interns

To make the intern process as straightforward as possible, there are some simple requirements your company has to fulfil before we can find you an intern. If you have any questions, please contact our intern recruitment team to discuss. As our process is transparent from start to finish, we must comply with all legal requirements for hiring interns to work with your company. As with the recruitment side of the process, our team will walk you through all requirements and are always on hand to answer queries. Hiring an intern is a serious and sometimes complicated process, which is why Bangkok Trainee Finder aim to make the process easier, and will talk you through everything we need from your company.

What Requirements We Need from Your Company to Hire an Intern

Many people worry that the process of hiring an intern can be too complicated, and that there are numerous requirements needed before moving forward with the process. While some aspects can be complicated, we have set up our processes to make everything as clear as possible when it comes to intern recruitment.

Bangkok Trainee Finder has responsibilities to your company, to the intern, and to the school or university of origin. But there are also requirements under Thai law which we have to take into consideration. These are fairly straightforward, but if you have any questions about the company requirements, or any other aspect of the intern recruitment process, call one of our experienced team.

The principal requirements we ask of the company looking to recruit an intern are:

You need to be a legal company registered in Thailand

You need to provide an English speaking tutor for your intern where required.

You need to provide an allocated office space for the intern.