Our Unique Approach


Our Process for Intern Recruitment is Simple and Straightforward.

Bangkok Trainee Finder wants to make your intern recruitment process as simple as possible, and we also want to ensure that the candidates we select match your internship requirements.

Our process is a simple one and we will help guide you through each step. If you have any questions regarding the recruitment process, please do not hesitate to contact our specialized team.

Just Follow These Simple Steps, We Make the Process Easy to Aid with your Intern Recruitment

1. You contact Bangkok Trainee Finder, and we collect your details and list of intern requirements. This will include information such as: the dates of the internship, mission, or job period, the type of business you operate, the skill sets you require, any necessary qualifications, and anything else that may be relevant to the recruitment process.
2. Our experienced team then process through the hundreds of student intern profiles we currently have, and identify which intern candidates best match your recruitment needs.
3. We then select the resumes which best suit your job requirements and forward them to you.
4. You can then select your preferred candidates to take to the next stage of the recruitment process.
5. Our team will then set up a job interview to suit your recruitment schedule. If the intern is in Bangkok, this can be face to face, or if, as is usual, they are still in their home country, you can interview the potential intern by Skype or similar.
6. Once you have selected your intern, you advise our recruitment team of your decision.
7. Our team then begins the administrative process to apply for the internship visa.
8. Bangkok Trainee Finder will also assist the intern in finding suitable accommodation close to their job location. We will also help process other aspects of their arrival.
9. Your chosen candidate arrives to begin their internship for the agreed period.

Bangkok Trainee Finder want to make this process as smooth and painless as possible, both for the intern and for the company or business. Our team are on hand to answer any queries you may have, and to provide solutions where needed.